April 5 is Dr. Terriyln Rivers-Cannon Day

United States Representatives Proclamation from U.S. Representative Henry “Hank” Johnson Jr. of the 4th Congressional District designates April 5th as Dr. Terriyln Rivers-Cannon Day. The proclamation follows:

(Text from the image, transcribed)


WHEREAS, Dr. Terrilyn Rivers-Cannon is a professional School Social Worker dedicated to enhancing the well-being and advocating for the basic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable in our society; and

WHEREAS, she is this year’s National School Social Worker of the Year honoree who is the first African American, Georgian, and female recipient of this prestigious award. Dr. Terriyln Rivers-Cannon is being recognized for her extraordinary contributions to our society on a national level as a professional who embraces empowerment, inspiration and encouragement; and

WHEREAS, this phenomenal woman works tirelessly to improve children’s prospective for a better future by providing protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and mental health issues. She has expanded foster care in areas where it is most needed and has assisted parents in providing financial and emotional support for their children; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Terriyln Rivers-Cannon is dedicated to Georgia and our nation. She aids seniors and adults with disabilities, allowing them to live safer, healthier, and more independent lives; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Terriyln Rivers-Cannon actively aids individuals and families across our nation by offering her leadership and service in the field of social work by providing the necessary skill set to individuals who work in the areas of government, academia, corporate, and military service; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Representative of the Forth District of Georgia has set aside this day to honor and recognize Dr. Terriyln Rivers-Cannon on her achievement and to wish her well in all her endavours;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr. do hereby proclaim April 5, 2019 as

Dr. Terriyln Rivers-Cannon Day

in the 4th Congressional District of Georgia.

PROCLAIMED, THIS 5th day of April 2019.

Henry C. “Hank” Jonson, Jr.
Member of Congress

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