Women of Distinction Magazine – Atlanta Public Schools Social Worker Best in Her Class

From Women of Distinction Magazine. Full text for Dr. RC has been preserved.

Terriyln C. Rivers-Cannon MSW Ed.D T. Education Social Worker with the Atlanta Public School System [and] the founder and CEO of K.A.T.I.E. (Karing Actions Towards Inspiring Eagles) LLC, Atlanta GA.

Terriyln C. Rivers-Cannon began her journey with Atlanta Public Schools (APS) in 2004 as a contract School Social Worker. She left to pursue an opportunity within a neighboring school district but returned in 2009 after being offered a full time position. She has been working in the field of Social Work for over 20 years and enjoys each and every moment of it as it always enables new as well as exciting challenges for her to discover.

As a School Social Worker with APS it is Terriyln’s responsibility to provide services that promote educational success. Her primary role is to serve as a liaison child advocate while collaborating and consulting with not only students but parents school administrators faculty and her community. Her main concern is the best interest of the families and/or students. She ensures that the appropriate interventions as well as services are provided in order to guide those at risk for educational failure. Additionally, Terriyln works as a change agent. By developing relationships with her students, she encourages the necessity for change while recognizing and embracing the fact that each child transcends from various cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Therefore it is vitally important that all stakeholders, inside as well as outside of the walls of education, to work together to ensure students understand reaching for the sky is great but reaching for the stars is even better as it truly has no limits.

Terriyln maximizes educational opportunities for her students by establishing new and innovative programs which help to improve their interpersonal relationships and introduces them to different problem solving approaches. In addition she teaches successful coping mechanisms for crisis situations in the development of self-discipline valuable problem- solving decision-making skills and encourages ways to resolve conflicts without violence. When asked about her greatest inspiration Terriyln humbly credits her late Aunt and mentor Ms. Katie Mae Tindal.

As the founder Owner and CEO of K.A.T.I.E. (Karing Actions Towards Inspiring Eagles) a dedication to Ms. Tindal, Terriyln reflects on her past as a child when she would often listen to her Aunt s interactions with students families and colleagues. She states:

“I would watch as she inspired and encouraged all of them to understand that their beginning did not have to determine where they may end up in life”.

Terriyln quotes her Aunt and strongly believes that it is one’s determination and steadfast resiliency that allows them to progress on to the next level and accomplish future goals. Needless to say, she instilled in Terriyln the importance of inspiring families to soar to new heights something that she affirms she will never lose sight of as she continuously lives by her Aunt’s example each day.

Terriyln Rivers-Cannon is an innovative, outside-the-box thinker who always keeps an individual’s best interest at heart. She has tremendous faith in God and understands that life is not a one size fits all model on purpose there is always a solution for one to identify their true fit and when it is found she believes they need to wear it with pride. Terriyln has embraced many challenges as they have enabled her to excel as a professional not only inside the educational setting but outside as well. Her greatest goal is to work collaboratively with her community by making sure that even the voices of its most vulnerable populations are heard. She follows the legacy of activist Dorothy I. Height stating ALL voices matter.

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