Dr. R.C. Speaks at the CUBE 2021 annual conference

https://www.soarwithkatie.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/CUBE-CARES-Documentary-.-3.0.mp4Dr RC was graced with the honor of speaking at the National School Boards Association annual Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) for 2021 where she, alongsideĀ Erika Mitchell, theĀ Vice Chair of the 5th district of Atlanta’s Board of Education and Steering Committee Member of the Council of Urban Education, as well as youthSpark’s Executive Director, Jennifer Swain, and the Georgia Deputy Attorney General, John Fowler on the topic of Protecting Students from Exploitation. The clinic focused on policy development, Implementation of policy and protocol, and knowing warning signs to assist with the identification of minors at risk of being exploited.