If I ever stopped believing that things will happen I would never keep pushing forward.

— Dr. RC


Katie’s Story

Katie Mae Rivers Tindal was born is Savannah, Georgia on August 16, 1942 to Mr. James and Mrs. Hattie Mae Rivers (my grandparents).

During her early life and childhood years she lived in Savannah, Georgia where she attended the Chatham County Public School system. Katie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in 1970 from Savannah State College which is now University. She then went on to receive two Masters, with the first being an M.ED in 1974 from Savannah State College/Armstrong State College which at the time was a joint graduate program in Political Science. Thus, in 1980 she received her second, an MSW (Maters of Social Work) degree from Atlanta University School of Social Work which is now Clark Atlanta University. Then in 1981, she obtained her State of S.C. Assessment Performance of Teachers (APT) Certification.

Katie was a dedicated, faithful and loyal servant to public service. Her professional affiliation included the national Association of Social Workers, the National Association of Black Social Workers and the National Council on Social Work Education. Katie was a member of Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society, Savannah State College National Alumni Association, the NAACP and the American Association of University Women. She completed two publications, Mental Health Implications of Housing on the Black Elderly that was presented at the 1980 Mental Health Symposium in Atlanta, GA., and “The Interdisciplinary Approach to Developmental Disabilities: The Role of the Social Worker” that was presented at a workshop on Developmental Disabilities at Winthrop College, Rock Hill, S.C. 1984.

Katie was married in 1962 and later on became the mother of two sons. On December 25, 1996 this beautiful ebony black queen was called home, and although I along with my family knew that this was not supposed to be a sad occasion, but yet the Celebration of her Homegoing we could still do nothing but remain in stealth mode as we reminisced and reflected on all of the joy that she brought to our hearts.

She was then and will always remain my inspirational SHERO!

MISSION — Soar with K.A.T.I.E

K.A.T.I.E.’s mission is to inspire the development of relationships of our youth and young adults along with their families from the ages of 13 – 20 through the will of Empowerment, Determination and Hope as a personal journey is shared about how vitally important it is to “Keep it Moving” as one “Dares to Soar” while facing and or overcoming the many stumbling blocks that are encountered in life.

Dedication To Katie

“I will try not to Cry Anymore”

On December 25, 1996 I had to allow you to rest and sleep, all while knowing that God would have your soul as he led you into his Pearly Gates.

As I gazed upon your face I could do nothing but ask the question,

“Why did this have to happen now?”

along with

“I just don’t understand!”

I know in my heart as you travel above to be with the Angels, you were sending me a message saying please don’t worry, because I am now at peace. I am able to walk in the clouds and give guidance from above. Now when you feel the warmth of the sunlight it will be me giving a big hug or when that rain falls it will be me showering love from the heavens, so my darling niece cry no more.


Auntie Katie, God allowed you to have flesh for 53 magnificent years that afforded you with opportunities to provide a wealth of knowledge, tears as well as an enormous amount of joy. Although my cup is full and about to run over I will always remember that this should not be a sad occasion. It is a time for rejoicing along with cries of laughter.

So I will try not to Cry Anymore…….


Auntie I realize that your days as well as nights are no longer cumbersome or time consuming. I recognize that you can walk slowly while placing one foot in front of the other. Now I know that your Wings & Halo are very new to you, but I realize you will continue to guide and send strength for me to draw on.


As I continue to face each day with change it will be very challenging especially since you are physically no longer here close to me, but yet above you. I know that you have not gone far, and that you are still very close in my heart and mind.

Therefore, when I begin to reminisce about events past I will be as close to you as I was before so I constantly remember them very often.


Auntie Katie, you were then and still now like a shooting star that can forever put a twinkle in my eye, along with a beautiful rainbow that brightens the sky, and a breath of fresh air that will make it all okay.

So, I will try not to Cry Anymore, and instead of saying goodbye I’ll just say until the next time….

                                                              Love Always,

Your Niece T.T.C.R