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Topics of discussion:

Water Cooler Talk

In this topic, Dr. RC hosts an open, honest discussion with stakeholders about the life-long impact that cultural sensitivity and confidentiality unawareness can have on our students in their learning environment and beyond, and how it plays into serious social, emotional, and mental health issues as they attempt to matriculate through the educational system

The Determination & Resiliency of a Teenage Mother

In this topic, Dr. RC shares how her personal experience of how becoming a teenage mother had propelled her in into a model of resiliency and determination, thereby allowing her to continuously empower, encourage and motivate all of whom she continuously comes in contact with, to never be afraid to “Dare To Soar”. As long as one allows themselves to dream, hope, and reach for the stars, there will be a “Karing Action That Inspires Eagles” waiting in the horizon.

Uncovering the Layers & Barriers to Student Academic Achievement

In this topic, Dr. RC discusses why it is crucial to not only look beyond, but at times underneath the surface while realizing that many of our students come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, environments, family dynamics, and diverse cultures while they continuously put up their fields of defense to enable the ability to reach that core of understanding due to previous or current experiences.

Providing a Resolution to Student Conflict

In this topic, Dr. RC engages the audience with interactive scenarios and a bit of role-playing as she shares information about how important it is for our students to have an understanding about the way conflict can be handled, coupled with how critical it is to the collective consequences of the future.

“The Time for ELEVATION is Now”!

In this topic, Dr. RC speaks candidly with Social Workers about why the time has come to step out of the shadows and take ownership of their true place in society as the highly qualified and uniquely skilled professionals that they are with their specified skill set.

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“If I ever stopped believing that things will happen, I would have never kept pushing forward.”

– Dr. RC